CNCLT Meeting

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
3:00pm – 5:00pm EST

5min3:00 Call to Order and Chair’s remarks
5min3:05-3:10Land Recognition 
20min3:10-3:30Introductions   / Updates / News Coverage
10min3:30-3:40Review of Past Minutes – Action Items
5min3:40-3:45CNCLT Terms of Reference (Draft)
15min3:45-4:00Peer to Peer Support Needs 
20min4:00-4:20CNCLT Strategic Priorities 1 
Collective Funding Submissions 
20min4:20-4:40CNCLT Strategic Priorities 2
Toronto 2020 Gathering
5min4:40-4:45Set Strategic Priority for next Call 
10min4:45-4:55Action items 
5 min8:25-8:30Next Meeting Dates
Nov 12 2019 
Jan 14 2020
Mar 10 2020
Annual Gathering  – April 2020 

5 thoughts on “CNCLT Meeting”

  1. Hi folks – just wondering if I might sit in on your Sept 10 call. ONN has as one of our policy priorities to promote the CLT movement as an excellent strategy for keeping public lands in community hands:

    We’d love to amplify your work and bring your messages to the Ontario Government and our networks. If you’d be open to that, please let me know by email at Thanks!

    – Liz Sutherland, Director of Policy, Ontario Nonprofit Network

  2. We have a rural property governed by a trust agreement established in 1971. Pretty much made it up as we went. 12 beneficiaries, of whom Six are primary residence and six are recreational. You folks seem urban. Will there be a place to gather and share collective experience for rural trusts? A template would be nice. Material useful for dealing with planning restrictions would be nice. Bill Armstrong, Cloud Mountain Farm Trust, Cormac, Ontario.

  3. I would like to be considered for the free land opportunity that you are offering.
    How do I apply for this offer?
    Are there any waterfront properties available?
    What is the largest property that you are offering?
    Thanks DJ Cote.

  4. I would like to be considered for a free land plot in south Knowlesville New Brunswick.
    What would I need to qualify?
    cell number is: 226-698-1962

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