Nanaimo and Area Land Trust

Nanaimo & Area Land Trust

Nanaimo, British Columbia


Contact: or 250-714-1990.


1) NALT’s purpose is its mission – to promote and protect the natural values of land in the Nanaimo area. 

2) We do hold two properties that have been donated to us, a 40 acre parcel and a 22 acre parcel. These are held for their natural values and are pre-empted from conservation covenant protection by their classification as agricultural land under the Agricultural Land Reserve. There is one house and some outbuildings on each property. We receive rent from one while the other is occupied by the donors under a life-estate agreement. 

3) The Nanaimo & Area Land Trust (NALT) is a registered society and charity operating since 1995. NALT seeks to fulfill its mission using various means available to land trust, including, but not limited to: acquisition, conservation covenants, stewardship agreements, education, stream stewardship, community partnerships, and habitat restoration and enhancement.

Location: 8-140 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, BC