Contact: Hubert Lavallée

Focus: Protec-Terre is a non for profit organization that helps create Farm Land Trust in Québec. The first one was create in 2010 Under the name Fiducie Protec-Terre de la ferme Cadet Roussel. A second one named Terre sans faim was created last year in the Chadière-Appalache region. We are working with a number of other group that wants to create their own Land Trust (about 10 serious projects at the moment). Each land trust is autonomous with its own governance board and rules, but they all share the same basic goals of preserving organic land for local communities. The trust are perpetuals so the land will never be sold again, helping Young farmers to get access to the land at a lower cost.

Location: 240 rue Caron Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Québec) G0R 3G0