Québec’s strong tradition of tenant organizing and unique legal tools has resulted in several alternative forms of community land trusts.

A Syndicate of Owners

The Communauté Milton Parc (CMP) is a community land trust founded in 1986 in Montréal. It is a syndicate of 15 housing cooperatives and non-profit housing organizations who collectively own their land titles and govern their management through shared policy and protocols. The project was a finalist in the 2013 World Habitat Awards.

Emphyteutic Leases

In the Eastern Townships, Foncier Solidaire Brome-Missisquoi (FSBM) is developing an affordable home ownership CLT using emphyteutic leases. In this model, FSBM owns the land, finances the infrastructure and covers 20% of the down payment on the home. The lessee holds a mortgage for the remaining 80%. If and when the lease ends, the lessee receives their investment back, along with the value of any renovations they made. The property reverts to the owner, ensuring its perpetual removal from the private real estate market.

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Social Trusts

Fiducies utiltés sociales, or “social utility trusts” are readily used for agricultural preservation and are now being enthusiastically explored by emerging community land trusts in the province. Network member Solutions Immobilier Solidaire is exploring the possible development of CLTs throughout Québec using the FUS model.

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