Member Benefits

  • Technical assistance via videocalls, telephone, and email
  • Networking opportunities with others CLTs
  • Discounts and travel support to attend our CLT Summit
  • Network-led funding opportunities, such as microgrants
  • Use of our CLT job board
  • Use of our Toronto pop-up office

Working Groups

Member-led working groups meet regularly to collaborate, share information, and troubleshoot collective problems.

  • Agricultural working group
  • Affordable homeownership working group
  • Land Back working group
  • Black practitioners working group

Membership Classes

Class A: CLT Members

Non-profit organizations that hold land for the purpose of benefiting a place-based community and that serve as a long-term steward of affordable housing, community assets. CLT members have the ability to vote on key network decisions, including the election of directors.

Annual Dues:

  • no land: $100
  • land, no buildings: $120
  • 24 units or less: $200
  • 25-99 units: $500
  • 100-499 units: $1,000
  • 500+ units: $1,500

Class B: Associate Members

Supporters of Canada’s CLT sector, such as research and consulting firms, community organizations, advocacy groups, and individuals. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

Annual Dues

  • Individuals: $100
  • Non-profits: $300
  • For-profit organziations: $600


Membership dues are meant to support our work, not create financial barriers. Please reach out if you are interested in membership but need support paying dues.
Membership is free for Indigenous-led organizations.