Community land trusts can change the way we relate to land. They can also facilitate the return of land to Indigenous communities.

This page is intended to:

  • acknowledge Turtle Island as the ancestral homelands of many Indigenous nations
  • bring awareness to the potential of land back through community land trusts, and
  • suggests practices for community land trusts support Indigenous sovereignty over land

The Canadian Network of Community Land Trusts and its members operate on the ancestral territories of Indigenous people across Turtle Island (also known as North America).

Settler colonialism dispossessed Indigenous people of the lands they stewarded since time immemorial. Operating within this reality, it is imperative that the Network and its members support Indigenous self-determination and restitution of Land through tangible actions.

In this spirit, CNCLT is committed to:

  • Supporting the development and growth of Indigenous-led community land trusts
  • Building relationships with Indigenous people, communities, and organizations
  • Disseminating best practices regarding reconciliation, decolonization, and Land Back via the community land trust model, and
  • Creating and sharing tools to support non-Indigenous community land trusts in reconciliation and decolonization efforts

We call on our members to:

  • Build relationships with local Indigenous people, communities, and organizations,
  • Identify whose ancestral territories there are on and uphold their role within treaties, and
  • Support Indigenous-led community land trusts develop and grow by sharing knowledge and resources

Indigenous Land Trusts

Indigenous land trusts are invested in the return and responsible stewardship of ancestral lands, which in turn can support cultural revitalization and community well-being.

Some organizations focus on the protection of natural lands from development. Others aim to provide access to housing and space for ceremony and cultural practice.

Land Return Through Land Trusts

More and more, individuals and organizations returning land to Indigenous land trusts.

More Practices to Support Indigenous Land Stewardship

Below are just a few ways you can support through your CLT: