CNCLT is developing a 6-phase roadmap to community land trust development.

As we progress, we will update this page with videos, tools, and recommended resources to assist with each phase.

Phase 1: Establishing Your CLT

  • Defining a purpose, vision, and guiding values
  • Community (housing) needs assessment
  • Gap analysis (what already exists vs. what is needed)
  • Summarizing organizational scope and priorities (in response to needs assessment and gap analysis)
  • Choosing organizational form (independent non-profit or subsidiary, etc.)
  • Creating a start-up budget
  • Initial business planning
  • Accessing startup funding

Phase 2: Incorporation & Governance

  • Determining membership and governance structure, organizational geography
  • Creating organizational by-laws
  • Incorporation
  • Considering charitable status or other alternatives

Phase 3: Building Internal Capacity

  • Recruiting and training board of directors
  • Recruiting and engaging membership
  • Developing a strategic plan and budget
  • Seeking funding to hire staff

Phase 4: Aquisitions & Early Development Planning

Phase 5: Stewardship & Operations

Phase 6: Strategic Growth & Innovation

Need help?

CNCLT offers technical support navigating any of the key activities listed below.