CNCLT has developed a 6-phase Roadmap to Community Land Trust Development.

Below, we outline the main activities involved during each phase while sharing helpful tools and examples.

Everyday community is different! These steps may not roll out in the order that they are presented, or may occur concurrently.

Take this information as a hand-up in the complex yet rewarding process of forming a CLT, rather than a checklist activity of exactly how the process must go.

Phase 1: Establishing your CLT

Key Activities

Key Activities


Developing Guiding Principles for Community Land Trusts (recording and slides)

Community Research for Early-Stage CLTs (recording and slides)

Organizational Form for Early-Stage CLTs (recording and slides)

Gathering Resources and Business Planning (recording and slides)

Community Organizing for Early Stage CLTs (recording and slides)

Phase 2: Incorporation and Governance

Key Activities

Key Activities


CLT Board & Membership Structures (webinar and slides)

CLTs and Charitable Status (webinar and slides)

CLT Incorporation and Bylaws (webinar and slides)

Phase 3: Building Internal Capacity

Key Activities

Key Activities

  • Recruiting and training board of directors
  • Recruiting and engaging membership
  • Developing a strategic plan and budget
  • Seeking funding to hire staff (CLT Funding Sources)


More Resources

Example RFPs

Example Job Ads


Strategic Planning for Early-Stage CLTs (webinar and slides)

Board and Membership Development (webinar and slides)

Phase 4: Acquisitions and Early Development Planning (coming soon)

Phase 5: Stewardship and Operations (coming soon)

Phase 6: Strategic Growth and Innovation (coming soon)